Personal Lines – Valuable Articles

Give your clients the ability to protect their valuables. A Personal Articles Floater is used to insure valuable personal property that often requires more coverage than what is provided by an insured’s homeowner policy. Fine art, jewelry, furs, stamps & coin collections are some of the items that can be scheduled on a Personal Articles Floater.

Most times the coverage can be tailored in order to insure a specific type of property. The insured can always select the appropriate policy limit for the property. Floaters are typically written on an all-risk basis which means all direct physical losses to property are covered, except for specially excluded losses. Our companies can provide the right floater to ensure your clients are properly covered.

We offer this coverage for the following industries and classes:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine Arts
  • Furs
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Antiques
  • Collectible Items
  • And much more!

This product offers the following features:

Coverage Highlights

  • All Risk, Worldwide Coverage
  • Breakage and Mysterious Disappearance often included
  • Blanket and Agreed Value Available
  • No Minimum Premium

Custom Features

  • Coverage can be tailored in order to insure a specific type of property
  • The insured can select the appropriate policy limit for the property
  • Policies written on an all-risk basis

Thrift Store, Shelter, and Transitional Housing

  • Located in Washington
  • Package & Umbrella
  • Premium of $91,000

Credit Monitoring Firm

  • Located in New York
  • Technology & Cyber Liability
  • Premium of $23,571

General Contractor

  • Located in New Jersey
  • General Liability
  • Premium of $59,908

Beverage Manufacturer

  • Located in Georgia
  • General Liability
  • Premium of $33,571

Tract Home Builder

  • Located in Pennsylvania
  • General Liability
  • Premium of $13,708

Boys & Girls Club

  • Located in California
  • Package & Umbrella
  • Premium of $38,438

This product is available in available in: