Our Approach

In the MGA and program sector, there are many high quality firms with local products, local territorial authority and local knowledge that cannot make the necessary investments to grow their businesses.  By leveraging technology and advanced data analytics, JenCap facilitates backroom and processing efficiencies, the ability to better understand the composition of the business, and provides carriers with enhanced results derived from better information management.  When combining the local products, knowledge, relationships and good will embedded in these strategic acquisitions, JenCap is the vehicle for providing the resources to create a collaborative environment and support that contribute to expanding distribution, market access, product development and firm perpetuation.

Focused Client Service

JenCap complements and broadens the scope of available facilities through a team of highly experienced wholesale brokerage specialists delivering expert, innovative products and services to retail brokers.  JenCap will grow its brokerage team by hiring transactional professionals or acquiring firms with line of business expertise that are focused on providing retailers with the service they need to best serve their clients. 

Investments in Technology, People, and Acquisitions

JenCap recognizes that much of the wholesale distribution industry is fragmented and disjointed, with high transaction costs and low retention levels.  With significant investments in technology, data analytics, human capital and acquisitions, JenCap is a company that provides retailers with expanded product offerings and distribution networks dedicated to addressing their small account needs, delivering transactional brokerage expertise, and affording an opportunity to achieve effective real-time consolidation management.